Turning your problems into Solutions with Facilty Manager System


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Tour any of your facilities, for any reason, from any computer.

You are there on a virtual tour of any room, any building, interiors, exteriors, grounds.

Your computer mouse movements act as your eye view – a 360° live action view!

  • Interiors
  • Exteriors
  • Entrances
  • Roofs
  • Grounds

Our tour begins as we enter through the south doors and move down the hallway. We pause to look left, then right, and enter the first room. We enter and scan the room...then move in close to examine window conditions... exit and move on.

Step One: Gather Data
Facility Manager System Component



  • Tours for any group: executives, architects, vendors, etc.
  • Easy to operate, point-and-click.
  • Time saver for space planning and building assessment from your desk.
  • Web-based open access system.
  • An invaluable facility record for asset management.
  • Visual password access for vendors, architects, and others for planning and estimating.
  • On-line visual reference for emergency workers at any time from anywhere.